March 13, 2010

You wash, I'll dry...

"You Wash, I'll Dry"
8 x 16, oil

I love painting reflective surfaces such as the silverware. The colors and values are arranged in such an abstract manner that the thinking side of the brain gets bored ~ allowing the intuitive side to simply react to color and value without overanalyzing it. Pure fun.
"Before enlightenment,
 chop wood, carry water
...After enlightenment
 chop wood carry water"... (an old zen saying)


Gwen Bell said...

Love the spontaneity of the composition. Can almost hear them clanging! I also like the way you picked up a little of the pink dishcloth here and there in the spoons. Opened to the large view to get a good look at the lovely rainbow of colors in the silver. Heavenly!

Teaworthy said...

ooohh! I love this.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Lovely painting Faye, love the abstract quality of it.