January 14, 2009

Tiny Dancer

(290) Ballerina
private collection
5 x 7, oil
This little study was a departure for me. Typically, my subject reference is limited to what is in front of me and/or a photo; but for this painting, I used my imagination to put the figure in a room with one of my favorite paintings by Degas. Painting what is in front of me is far easier, all the more reason to s t r e t c h out of my comfort zone!
And on another note, my computer/internet/blogger/all things related to posting/uploading/visiting other websites has not been working for weeks (I've invented all new curse words), so hopefully my tech support has gotten everything back up and running. Finally. When this "stuff" works, it is great-when it does not, I lose interest fast.
"No art is less spontaneous than mine. What I do is the result of reflection and the study of the great masters"...Edgar Degas


Tracy said...

The "underglow" is so interesting!

Paz said...

Love your Tiny Dancer. Glad you went out of your comfort zone.