August 7, 2008

No painting today, just lots of errands, appointments, obligations and general catching up...but I wanted to share a couple of links. The first one I tried to include in yesterday's post but the photos were missing, so if you care to, please click here to see the complete Amplifier "artist of the month" article about me.

And secondly, I want to offer a link to skirt! magazine. In 1994 in Charleston, SC, Nikki Hardin founded the magazine and now it is available in over a dozen cities.
She aspired to create a bold, fresh magazine that celebrated all sides and personalities of women and has stated "if we had an ideal reader, her name would be Martha Steinem" ( I love that)...What attracts me most to the magazine is that the most talented and savvy artists and writers are showcased each month. Please click here to check out my favorite writer, Teaworthy, a gifted and insightful contributor.


Frank Gardner said...

I have just been checking out all of the paintings that I have missed over the past few weeks.
Lots of good stuff.
Cool article! thanks for the little mention there.

Paz said...

Very nice article on you. It was fun to read about the DOORS event, which I remember. That was cool.

Teaworthy does seem very gifted and insightful.


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Hi Faye! Article was great, thanks for mentioning me also. Love your shadow series, now I'm going to check out some of those articles.


artbymj said...

I don't have time right now to look at all of Skirt! but it looks really neat. I did, however, look at the Teaworthy article and thank you thank you :0) for that link because the article "In Her Shoes" should be read by EVERYONE. I will definitely be keeping up with her blog. Your link to her was like a little gift in my busy morning! Also, congratulations on the Amplifier article, it was well written.

Pamela Clarkson said...

Hi there- I am a Texas artist but born in New Mexico-love Taos and loved seeing your work from the workshop. Especially like your different perspectives on the people paintings-doing the feet or just the shadows!