February 21, 2008

(116) Make Mine Scrambled
private collection
6 x 6, oil
I was enthralled by how the ripples of light bounced into the egg whites and on through the clear glass onto the tabletop--sort of like a play-within-a-play.
"What we need is more sense of the wonder of life, and less of the business of making a picture"...Robert Henri


artbymj said...

Great glass and reflections, Faye. And the shape of the yolk is perfect. That quote is definitely a keeper. Do you ever find the quote first and then paint something for it? It would be interesting to have several artists take a quote like that and then paint their own inspirations from it and see what happens. As always, thanks for sharing with us your art and words of inspiration.

FCP said...

Usually I paint first and find a quote later, but it was the other way around today with the George Clooney quote--as soon as I found that I knew I had to paint ice cream! I like your idea of having several artists paint their inspirations based on a common quote--great idea!