January 28, 2008

(96) Favorite LBD
8 x 16, oil
private collection
I chose a different canvas size for this one (8 x 16) that I feel is perfect for the elongated subject. In order to post it to the blog, I photographed it on a neutral square background (so the gray on each side is not actually part of the painting itself)
Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress in 1926 and it is still a fashion staple 82 years later. "One is never over or under dressed in a little black dress"....Karl Lagerfield (from the house of Chanel)


{The Christian's} said...

I love this painting and the lace detail in the dress!!

Thank goodness for the LBD!! :)

Frank Gardner said...

You don't have photoshop or something where you could crop the image Faye? Once your file is cropped it will post in any shape.

FCP said...

Thanks, Christians--the lace was fun to paint.
And, Frank, I must have done something wrong, because I tried several times to post it in the cropped shape and could never get it to upload. Then, when I tried the square format, it worked--so who knows what that means, but I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

TAG said...

tremendous. It's really great.

Jason Waskey said...

I just came across your site... very glad I did!

Wonderful subject matter, and very inspirational!